Tuff Signals 123

Photo by Allan Hough ca. 2011!


  1. Monday Morning Mess by Wyatt Blair on Point of No Return (Burger)
  2. First and Last Men by ORB on Birth (Castle Face Records)
  3. She Got Harder by Goggs on Goggs (in the red records)
  4. Buzz Kill by Pink Mexico on fool (Self Released)
  5. Hard to Clean by Chook Race on Around the House (TroubleInMind)
  6. Faded Heart by Stef (Self Released)
  7. Fall on Your Face by Double Winter on Double Winter (Palm Tapes)
  8. Isolation by Bottom Feeders on Neon Night (Self Released)
  9. Leading Me On by Pleasers (Southpaw Records)
  10. All The Time by Casual Sweeth on Always/Never (Self Released)
  11. Walky Talky by Dogbreath on Second Home (Asian Man)
  12. Talk About Love by Kitty Kat Fan Club on Songs About Cats (Asian Man Records)
  13. Til You're Mine by DOG PARTY on Till You're Mine (Asian Man)
  14. New Bag by Rich Girls on Love is the Dealer (Self Released)
  15. Moonshine Kingdom by Fern Mayo on Hex Signs (Self Released)
  16. Young and Obscene by Criminal Hygene (Self Released)
  17. Cult of Personality by Varsity on Cult of Personality (Self Released)
  18. Month 2 Month by Connections on Midnight Run (Anyway Records)
  19. SCRAPS by Bike Cops on 2016 EP (Self Released)
  20. We Real Cool by Goldmines on Goldmines EP (Dadstash Records)
  21. Let Me Go On by Young Rival on Strange Light (Paper Bag Records)
  22. Goin Down by Dinosaur Jr on Give a Glimpse of (Jagjaguwar)
  23. Hospital Room by VHS on Gift of Life (Suicide Squeeze Records)
  24. Mind How You Go by Tijuana Panthers on Ghost Food (Innovative Leisure)
  25. Collector by Teach Me (Volar)
  26. Seis Seis Seis by Death Valley Girls on Glow in the Dark (Burger Records)
  27. Life is But a Dream by Genders on Life is But A Dream (Self Released)
  28. Done to Death by Bad Sports on Living with Secrets (Dirtnap Rec)
  29. Summer of Fear by Ex-Cult on Summer of Fear (Famous Class)
  30. Local Celebrity by Big Eyes on Local Celebrity / When You Were 25 (Don Geovanni Records)
  31. (Get The) ReVVUP by NANCY on With Child (Eat The Life)
  32. Copy Cat by Gymshorts on Wet Willy (Burger)
  33. Batin' by Fox Face on Fox Face (Self Released)
  34. Jane Russell by Oh Boland on na (na)