Altered Images #03 09/14/16


  1. Sweetheart Contract by Magazine on Correct Use of Soap (Virgin)
  2. the Mighty Wah! by Come Back on the Handy Wah! (Castle)
  3. Dead Giveaway by Shalamar on The Look (Solar)
  4. Perfect Place by Voice of the Beehive on Honey Lingers (London)
  5. True Colors by Aztec Camera on Covers & Rare (Sire)
  6. Primitive Painters (feat. Elizabeth Fraser) by Felt on Absolute Classic Masterpieces (Cherry Red)
  7. Walk Through the Fire by Peter Gabriel on Against All Odds (WB)
  8. Out Out by Peter Gabriel on Gremlins OST (WB)
  9. I Go Swimming by Peter Gabriel on Plays Live (Geffen)
  10. Never Never by the Assembly on Never Never (Mute)
  11. Alibi by Teena Marie on Starchild (WB)
  12. North Star by Daryl Hall on Sacred Songs (RCA)
  13. (I Want 2 B A) Modernaire by Dez Dickerson (Citinite)
  14. Spanish Guitar by Squeeze on Sweets From a Stranger (A&M)
  15. Lost by the Church on Starfish (Arista)
  16. Whistling In the Dark by Dolly Mixture on Everything and More (Royal Mint)