Anti-Gravity Bunny Radio (2016-09-19)

This one's full of heavy hitters, everything is 100% the best.


  1. Engines Of Memories (Brandon Nickell Remix) by CoH on Return To Mechanics (Ge-stell)
  2. Wreck His Days by Tomorrow The Rain Will Fall Upwards on Wreck His Days (Blackest Ever Black)
  3. Sh/loads by Whirling Hall Of Knives on Seacht (
  4. Section 4 by Tristan Perich on Noise Patterns (Physical Editions)
  5. Sweet Dreams Form A Shade by Biosphere on Departed Glories (Smalltown Supersound)
  6. I Miss My Dog by Nathan Bowles on Whole & Cloven (Paradise Of Bachelors)
  7. And The Consciousness That All Silence Is Violent by Aaron Martin & Leonardo Rosado on In The Dead Of Night When Everything Is Asleep (Facture)
  8. Saroyan's Appeal by Padang Food Tigers & Sigbjørn Apeland on Bumblin' Creed (Northern Spy)
  9. Seminotative Smiler Timestamp by G.S. Sultan on Redundancy Suite (Phinery)
  10. Slow Oxygen Loss by Insect Factory on Work (Insect Fields)
  11. Absence 1 by Sleepyhead on Absences (self released)
  12. Dialler by Patten on Psi (Warp)
  13. Cera Persa 1 by Andrea Belfi on Cera Persa (Latency)
  14. Realistic Binaural Haircut by Steve Flato on Simulation Of Another Thing (Tape Drift)
  15. Untitled 3 by Kreng on Selfed (Drone)