The Hanging Garden Radio Show 9/29 feat. Vore Aurora!


  1. Envenom by Vore Aurora
  2. Covenant by Snow Ghosts
  3. Sugarbread by Soap&Skin
  4. Streets Fell Into My Window by Red Paintings
  5. Kill by iamamiwhoami
  6. Never Take Fire by Ghost & Writer
  7. Reincarntation by Cliff and Ivy on CXI 111
  8. Everything Depends Upon The King by KLAMMER
  9. Mad Girl Singing by Escarlatina Obsessiva on Drusba
  10. Babylon by BOAN on Menitras
  11. In Out and Thru by Vore Aurora
  12. Helen Of Troy by Telefon Tel Aviv
  13. Guidecca by Ghost Culture
  14. Rip Doth Thy Scarlet Claws by Qual
  15. White Walls by The KVB
  16. Playhouse by Double Echo
  17. Scaramouche by Twisted Nerve on Seance mini-LP
  18. Meds by Vore Aurora