The Hanging Garden Radio Show TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY EPISODE 10/20 w/Davey Bones!


  1. Esto No Es by Paralysis Permanente on El Acto
  2. Twisted Nervosis by Twisted Nerve on Seance
  3. Heater by All Your Sisters on Uncomfortable Skin
  4. In Darkness You Will Feel Alright by Horror Vacui on In Darkness You Will Feel Alright
  5. Kadet by Musta Paraati on Pelitalossa
  6. Shack Up by A Certain Ratio
  7. Outside Looking In by Dream Sequence
  8. Ambition by Dalek I Love You on Dalek I Love You
  9. No-One Driving by John Foxx on Metamatic
  10. Entrance and Exits by Drab Majesty on Careless
  11. Man Of Time by Kas Product on Try Out
  12. Eclipse by Kirlian Camera on The Ice Curtain
  13. Like A Bird by Komputer
  14. Family by The Kite
  15. Norman Bates by Landscape on From The Tea Rooms of Mars to The Hell-holes of Uranus
  16. Walking Backwards by Savage Republic on Ceremonial
  17. Mystere Sans Le Brouillard by Liasons Dangereuses on Liasons Dangereuses
  18. Pajeczyna by The Proof on Pjaki i Milose
  19. The Claim by 1000 Ohm
  20. The Grass Still Grows by Modern Eon on Fiction Tales
  21. Switch On Bach by Moderne
  22. I Still Bear The Scars by No More on Laughter In The Wings
  23. Red Shadows by TSOL on Change Today?
  24. Telecommunication by Blitz on Second Empire Justice
  25. Crystal Wrists by Peter Murphy on Deep