cheetle radio 10.7.16...get psyched. it's out of sight.

today the blue angels are zipping around the airspace like they own the place. we are disgruntled. our ears are crying tears of disgust. we are frowning so hard our mother's are worried we have wrinkled our delicate young hides. #whateverforever


  1. dont hesitate by foreign
  2. Break
  3. Sleep Till They Die by La Luz on Weirdo Shrine (Hardly Art)
  4. cocaine cat by tess parks on i declare nothing
  5. Break
  6. sun soaked by beach towels on palm free
  7. mademoiselle by the underground youth on mademoiselle
  8. Break
  9. Be Proud Of Your Kids by Melody's Echo Chamber on Melody's Echo Chamber (Fat Possum)
  10. Break
  11. how could that be why by drakkar nowhere on drakkar nowhere (beyond is beyond is beyond)
  12. lsd and the search for god by the blue angel lounge
  13. Break
  14. yesterday by the orange revival on black smoke rising
  15. still waters by peacemakers on peacemakers ep
  16. destiny by triptides on colors (jaunt records)
  17. willoweed by holydrug couple on noctuary (sacred bones)
  18. Low Light by The Soundcarriers on Entropicalia (Ghost Box)
  19. such a pain by the spyrals on out of sight
  20. Break
  21. oscillator instigator by black market karma on animal jive
  22. yaer time by strangers family band
  23. the crescent ship by bad liquor pond on blue smoke orange sky
  24. Killin The Vibe by Ducktails on Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics (Woodist)
  25. happy face by the murlocs on young blindness (flightless records)
  26. Break
  27. Happiness Is a Warm Gun by The Beatles on The Beatles (White Album) (Apple)
  28. mermaid song by mr. elevator & the brain hotel on nico & her psychedelic subconsciousness