Anti-Gravity Bunny Radio (2016-10-17)

Lots of beats, lots of dark drones, lots of dark droney beats.


  1. Migration To The North by Haraam on The Sacrifice Of Will (Yerevan Tapes)
  2. Offerings by Merchants on Merchants (Yerevan Tapes)
  3. Purple Graphene by Kassem Mosse on Disclosure (Honest Jon's)
  4. Perdition (Death's Disease) by Gnawed on Pestilence Beholden (Malignant)
  5. Astronomicon by Lustmord on Dark Matter (Touch)
  6. Breaking The Surface by Kuedo on Slow Knife (Planet Mu)
  7. Ve by Oval on Popp (self released)
  8. Gestalt by Kane Ikin on Basalt Crush (Latency)
  9. Clear Eyes, Full Heart by Peder Mannerfelt on Black Holes, Or How We Lost Solidarity (Hinge Finger)
  10. Thaw by It Only Gets Worse on Angels (Cloister)
  11. Red Sands Of A Thousand Dead Planets by Crowhurst on Creeping Drip Of Failure (self released)
  12. On The House At 43, Barncroft Close, Her Home For Many Years by VVM as MRS VVMILLS on Between Nothingness & Eternity (self released)
  13. Notu_Uronlineu by Hi:Emotions on Notu_Uronlineu (Hyperdub)
  14. Sanctum by Ital Tek on Beyond Sight (Planet Mu)
  15. Bureau 05 by The Lone Bureaucrat on Survival Behind The Curtain (self released)