Tuff Signals 131


  1. Cool by Coaster on Deuces EP (Community Records & Snooper Records)
  2. Hungrier Skin by Brilliant Beast on Dissolve (Self Released)
  3. You by Stef on Messes (Urinal Cake Records)
  4. Prisunic by The Liminanas on Malamore (Because Music)
  5. Brighter Ones by Ahem on Just Wanna Be (Forged Artifacts)
  6. My Head Is Sick by Pangea on Living Dummy (Burger Records)
  7. I Don't Think I Can Stay by Adult Books on Adult Books (Lolipop / Burger Records)
  8. Slop by Forth Wanderers on Slop (House Anxiery & Father/Daughter Records)
  9. Best Friend by The Smoking Trees on TST (Burger Records)
  10. Hung Up On The Dream by Tony Molina on Confront the Truth (Slumberland Record)
  11. Waitress by Hop Along on Painted Shut (Self Released)
  12. 3000 AD by Purling Hiss on High Bias (Drag City)
  13. Add it Again by Strawberry Jacuzzi on Watch the Clock (Some Weird Sin Records)
  14. New Boy by Real Numbers on Wordless Wonder (Slumberland Records)
  15. Cul-De-Sac by The Suburban Homes on ...Are Bored EP (Total Punk)
  16. Fui by Plastic Pinks on 7" Fui / Kelly (Die Slaughterhouse)
  17. Monday Morning Mess by Wyatt Blair on Point of No Return (Burger Records)
  18. Hardcore Punk by New Berlin on Basic Function LP (Erste Theke Ton)
  19. Saint Henry by The Bolos on Saint Henry (Six Tonnes De Chair Records)
  20. Olg Guy by Wimps on Suitcase (Self Released)
  21. I Wanna Boi by PWR BTTM on Ugly cherries (Father/Daughter Records, Miscreant Records)
  22. Let It Go by Craig Bell on aka Darwin Layne (Ever / Never Records)
  23. SICK by The Minotaurs on Messes (Rare Plant Records)
  24. Labor Front by Trauma Harness on Labor EP (Self Released)
  25. Shake It With You by Indonedian Junk on Indonesian Junk (Fuzz City)
  26. Bricks 'N Bones by The Sueves on Bricks and Bones (HOZAC)
  27. The Stooge by CFM on Homegrown Paranoia PM (In The Red Records)
  28. Distemper by the Ar-Kaics on It's Not My World (In the Red Records)
  29. #1985 by Gurr on In My Head (Dutchess Box Records)
  30. Buzz Kill by Pink Mexico on fool (Self Released)
  31. New Bag by Rich Girls on Love is the Dealer (Self Released)
  32. Commemoration by Leer on Spring Break No Parents (Self Released)
  33. Hit Reset by The Julie Ruin on Hit Reset (Hardly Art)
  34. Teenagers by Holograma on GEMINI (Foehn Records)