Tuff Signals Halloween (132)

Spooky Halloween songs! DJ Bud shows up from Detroit - live in studio!


  1. Demon From Hell by King Tuff on Black Moon Spell (Sub Pop Records)
  2. Tuff Ghost by The Unicorns on Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone (Caterpillar Records)
  3. I Wear Black by Ty Segall & Mikal on Reverse Shark Attack (In the Red Records)
  4. Witching Hour by Death Lens on Fuck This (Self Released)
  5. Tele4Me by Haunted Tiger on Kking Kkong (Burger Records)
  6. Moonlight by Hanni El Khatib on Moonlight (Inn)
  7. X O Skeleton by Double Winter on Watching Eye (Self Released)
  8. No Ghosts by Dumpster Babies on Dumpster Babies (Tall Pat Records)
  9. I Thought I'd Seen A Ghost by Bleach Party on Endless Bender (Tall Pat Recrods)
  10. Zombie Crush by The Groovie Ghoulies on Re-Animation Festival (Lookout!)
  11. Seance by Pow Wows on Nightmare Soda (Get Hip)
  12. My Love is a Bat by The Hex Dispensers on Winchester Mystery House (Douchemaster Records)
  13. Dead Eyes by Max Pain & The Groovies (Self Released)
  14. Haunted Head by Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds on Haunted Head (In the Red Records)
  15. Are We Dead Yet by The Exbats on A Guide to the Health Issues (Burger Records)
  16. Horror Movie by Death Valley Girls on Glow in the Dark (Burger Records)
  17. Stand By Your Ghoul by The Cavemen on The Cavemen (Self-Released)
  18. Boogie Man by Fox Face on Teen Wiccan (Chop House Records)
  19. Zombie by The Coathangers on Suck My Shirt (Suicide Squeeze)
  20. Hungry Ghost by Radar Eyes on Radiant Remains (Under Roads Records)
  21. Midnight Service At The Mutter Museum by The Murder City Devils on Thelma (Sup Pop Records)
  22. Back in the Dungeon by Timmy's Organism on Heartless Heathen (Third Man Records)
  23. Take Back the Alley by The Spits on The Spits II (Slovenly)
  24. Doom Town by Wipers on Over The Edge (BrainEater)
  25. Witch Man by Dilly Dally on Sore (Partisan)
  26. Kill My Baby Tonight by LA Witch (Lolipop Records)
  27. Vampire by Wimps on Suitcase (Self Released)
  28. Dark Clouds by The Wrong Society on "Dark Clouds" / "Don't Know" (Self Released)
  29. Ghost by The Frights on Fur Sure EP (Self Released)
  30. Graveyard Girls by Killer Ghost on Not Punk Enough (Self Released)
  31. Spellcaster Lounge by Thee Tsunamis on Delirium & Dark Waters (Magnetic South)
  32. Maniac In The Woods by Psychic Baos on Psychic Baos (Magnetic South)
  33. Devil Again by Thee Oh Sees on Singles Vol 3 (Castle Face Records)
  34. Rockin' Bones by The Cramps on Psychedelic Jungle (IRS Records)
  35. Killing the Wolfman by The King Khan & BBQ Show on Bad News Boys (In The Red)
  36. It's a Nightmare by Apache Dropout on Apache Dropout (Family Vineyard)