cheetle radio 10.31.16...witchy cheetles gettin' witchy

leave your broomstick at home....or bring it, that's chill. this week's show is a mix of rock'n'roll & soul 45s that will channel us straight to the witch world. girl, cast me a spell.


  1. the touch by plack blague (n/a)
  2. i put a spell on you by m. sage on death on the hour: aural apparitions from the geographic north (geographic north)
  3. the last ride by dark strands on the last ride ep (hoga nord)
  4. genocide by dickens on royal incarnation (--)
  5. the womb is a happening thing by monte cazazza on power vs wisdom (n/a)
  6. Sweet Saturn Mine (Richard Norris mix) by The Moonlandingz (n/a)
  7. Season of the Witch by Donovan on Sunshine Superman (Sony)
  8. sphynx by la femme on Mystère (n/a)
  9. rocket number 9 by zombie zombie on rocket number 9 (Versatile Records)
  10. Hot on the Heels of Love by Throbbing Gristle on 20 jazz funk greats (industrial records)
  11. psycho dead by dead skeletons on live from berlin (fuzz club)
  12. boris the spider by the who on a quick one (-)
  13. she's my witch by kip tyler (-)
  14. Witch Girl by The Mystrys on NA (N)
  15. witch's game by cool ghouls on cool ghouls (-)
  16. Witch Hazel by Los tones on Jangle/Witch Hazel 7 (Groovie Records)
  17. wolfman by ufo club (reverberation appreciation society)
  18. Gravedweller by The Wytches on annabel dream reader (partisan records)
  19. baby i call hell by deap vally on sisitronix (island records)
  20. Strychnine by The Sonics on Here Are the Sonics (Etiquitte)
  21. batman, wolfman, frankenstein, or dracula by the diamonds (mercury)
  22. Casting My Spell by The Spellbinders on NA (NA)
  23. bad seed (you're a bad seed) by the circus (-)
  24. black cat by brian auger the trinity on open (-)