Episode 3: Ardalan / Walker & Royce / Sepehr


  1. Galaxy by War on Galaxy EP (Self Release)
  2. Ramesh - Sharm-e Boos-e by Pomegranates on Pomegranates (Finders Keepers)
  3. Silky Smooth by Gene Hunt on Welcome Home (Trax)
  4. Sidewalks by Recloose on Honey Rocks EP (AUS)
  5. Lamaj by Brame & Hamo on Lamaj EP (Dirt Crew)
  6. The Most Acid by The Stoner on The Most Acid EP (Self Released)
  7. Flying Fish by Drexciya on Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller (Clone Records)
  8. You Can't Hide Your Love by David Joseph on Classic Mix Mastercuts Volume 1 (Mastercuts)
  9. i'll be by your side by Sally Shapiro on Disco Romance (808)
  10. Set It Out by Omar S on Omar S (Real High Quality)
  11. A Love Bizarre (Parts 1 & 2) by Sheila E on A Love Bizarre (Sony)
  12. Avalon by Red Axes on Caminho de Dreyfus (Correspondant)
  13. Underground Explosion by Ramsey & Fen on Underground Explosion EP (Self Released)
  14. Crashed By Myself by Sarah Goldfarb on At the Controls (Self Released)
  15. Blank Images by The Viewers on At The Controls (Self Released)
  16. Hutch by Laurence Guy on Hutch EP (Rose Records)
  17. Four Lights by Brame and Hamo on Lamaj's Secret (Dirt Crew)
  18. Fetish by Walker & Royce (Firejose remix) on Unreleased (Unreleased)
  19. Act Like You Know by Ardalan V.S Fat Larry's Band on Unreleased (Unreleased)
  20. Caught In A Funk by Sepehr on Caught In A Funk EP (Black Catalogue)
  21. What A Fool Believes by The Doobie Brothers on 70's Groove (70's Groove)
  22. Gabriel (Live Garage Version) by Roy Davis Jr. Featuring Peven Everett on Clubbed Out 2 (Unknown)