Show 11-20-2014


  1. Rollerblade Success Story by Don Caballero on Don Caballero 2 (unk)
  2. Memory Loss by This Will Destroy You on Another Language (unk)
  3. Move Movie by Sparrow on Beijing Post-Rock (unk)
  4. Larus Canus by The Grinding Ear on Beijing Post-Rock (unk)
  5. Bathtime for Squid by Alarmist on Alarmist EP (unk)
  6. Break
  7. Biblical Violence by Hella on Hold Your Horse Is (unk)
  8. Titan by The Physics House Band on unk (unk)
  9. The Wanderers and Their Shadows by The Dandelion War on We Were Always Loyal To Lost Causes (unk)
  10. Why Aren't I Home? by Athletics on Why Aren't I Home? (unk)
  11. Liberator by Coma Recovery on Goddverb (unk)
  12. Get All Your Ducks In A Row by Goonies Never Say Die on In A Forest Without Trees (unk)
  13. New Zealand by Moonlit Sailor on So Close To Life (unk)
  14. All The Streetlights Of My Hometown by Our Lost Infantry on The New Art History (unk)
  15. Kith and Kin by Brontide on Artery (unk)
  16. Let's Just See What Happens by Suffer Like G Did on Raspberry EP (unk)
  17. Tequesta by The Mercury Program on A Data Learn the Language (unk)
  18. Drift by Tides Of Man on Young and Courageous (unk)
  19. More Streets by zpiderflower on I, Zpi (unk)
  20. Show Me the Season by Maserati on Inventions for the New Season (unk)
  21. GW by Pelican on Australasia (unk)
  22. Gong by Sigur Ros on Takk... (unk)
  23. Loch by I am Kloot on unk (unk)