1. Ghosthouse by Uniform on Ghosthouse (Sacred Bones)
  2. Lover's Soul by Evy Jane on Breaking (King Deluxe)
  3. Now Or Later by Junglepussy
  4. It Was My Party by GIRLI (PMR Records)
  5. Spacetime by Tinashe on Nightride (RCA)
  6. Talk to Me by Run The Jewels
  7. Canary Yellow by Dai Burger (Thrift World Order)
  8. America is Dead by Kool AD on Have a Nice Dream (DUM SHINY)
  9. Romeo by Bladee on Eversince (YEAR0001)
  10. Hidden Hand by Void Vision on Sub Rosa (Mannequin)
  11. Domestic by Princess Century on Progress (Paper Bag)
  12. Sillage Et Caprice by Xarah Dion (Visage Musique)
  13. Rooms by Twilight Ritual on Rituals
  14. Subterranean Desire by Oppenheimer Analysis on New Mexico (Minimal Wave)
  15. Port Isabel by Led Er Est on Dust on Common (Wierd Records)
  16. Never Alive by Snowy Red on The Right To Die (OnderStroom)
  17. Flames of Love by Fancy (Metronome)
  18. Could This Be Love by Fun Fun (Body Beat)
  19. Touch in the Night by Silent Circle on No.1 (Monopol)
  20. Give Me Your Body by Lime on Lime 3 (Polygram)
  21. Megatron Man by Patrick Cowley on Megatron Man (Unidisc Music)
  22. I Need Somebody to Love Tonight by Sylvester (Fantasy)
  23. Magical Body by Los Angeles TF (Il Discotto Productions)
  24. On The Floor Beneath The Cross by Ricky Eat Acid on Talk To You Soon (Terrible)