The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode 45


  1. Surrender by TALsounds on Lifter + Lighter (Hausu Mountain)
  2. Hybrid by Sky H1 on Motion (Codes)
  3. Fragile by Suzanne Kraft on What You Get For Being Young
  4. 22-04-16 (Warmy Parmy Mix) by Larry Leaba on Leaba & Le-Roy's Long Mixes
  5. The Kakuli Wave by Aye Aye on Wila Wila
  6. Everything Is in Color by Cherushii on Memory of Water (100% Silk)
  7. Virex by Nackt on Virex (100 % silk)
  8. Chakaruna by Poranguí on Ayahuasca (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) World
  9. Amazonia by Iris Disse & ampdon Yachak De Duran on Ayahuasca Noche de Ritual
  10. Intro / Tropical Plantarum by Sign Libra on Closer to the Equator
  11. Tribe by Phil Stroud on Phil Stroud
  12. Sailboat Bliss by Hybrid Palms on Pacific Image
  13. Winona by DJ BORING
  14. Snabsnus by Rhode and Brown on Snabsnus (Toy Tonics)
  15. Club Tool 2 by DJ Kush Boogie on Just U and Me (Lobster Theremin)
  16. Change by Dan Kye on Joy, Ease and Lightness (Rhythm Section International)
  17. Inner Groove by DJ Q
  18. Rudy's Party [Bobby B's Ambient Mix] by Cherushii on Manic EP
  19. Kazoku Ogawa (Kaazi Remix) by Logan Takahashi on NoGeo Remixes (ghostly)
  20. Influxxxx by Gnork on No Gravity
  21. Loose Wood (Ross From Friends Remix) by The Contours on Loose Wood EP
  22. Sensate Silk by Sage Caswell on Sensate Silk (Take a Day Call Back Later)
  23. Andre the Giant vs. Bob Sapp by Henry Wu & Tito Wun on 27 Karat Years - EP