1. Pendy! You're In Some Awful Danger by The System on Logic
  2. Nude Walkin' by Craig T. Cooper Project on LP
  3. River People by Weather Report on River People / Birdland
  4. Tierra Media by Suso Saiz on En La Piel Del Cruce
  5. Love and Fantasy by Dieter Reith
  6. Island-Sunrise by Software on Digital Dance
  7. Jo Do by Hiroshi Sato on Orient
  8. Raffles in Rio by Mark Isham
  9. Tokyo Bay Area by Hiroshi Yoshimura on Pier & Loft
  10. Waitin' by Zenit
  11. Pool by Chameleon (aka Simon Park) on SUPERDOOP
  12. No Stranger to Love (Instrumental) by Glenda McCleod
  13. Fair Light (1982) by Jean-Philippe Rykiel
  14. In Your Eyes (Rework) by Yam Who? on Syntho Boogie Volume Uno
  15. Savannah Gold by Anthony Hobson