Shadows From Nowhere


  1. Stop Bajon by Tullio De Piscopo on Warehouse Raves 4
  2. Why by Carly Simon on The Best Of Carly Simon
  3. Adventures In Success by Will Powers on Dancing For Mental Health
  4. Flashback by Yukihiro Takahashi on What Me Worry?
  5. Sports Man by Haroumi Hosono on 野生の野望
  6. Never Gonna Leave You by Evans Pyramid
  7. Intellectual Thinking by New World Music
  8. Wake Up by Steve Eliot on Completion Of A Miracle
  9. Without Love by Peter Brown on A Fantasy Love Affair
  10. All I Need Is You (Instrumental long) by Starshine
  11. トロピカル万国博 by 難波弘之 on 飛行船の上のシンセサイザー弾き
  12. You Can Do It by Spike on New Germany
  13. Hawaiian Caravan by Ryo Kawasaki on Selected Works 1979 to 1983
  14. Shadows From Nowhere by Blue Gas on Shadows From Nowhere