Anti-Gravity Bunny Radio (2016-12-12) - Top 30 Drone Countdown Part I

Since it's hard enough to fit 15 of my favorite drone songs into 2 hours, let alone 30, I had to break this episode into two parts. This is the first part where I go through numbers 16-30 (or rather, 30-16). Next week I'll count down the top 15.

Check the actual list of my Top 30 Drone Records over here.


  1. Sleeptalker by Joe Clark on Throw Me In The Susquehanna (Glowing Window)
  2. Section 2 by Tristan Perich on Noise Patterns (Physical Editions)
  3. Salton Sea by Medina / Walsh on Vault Of Angels (Debacle)
  4. L by France Jobin on Singulum (Line)
  5. 17'21" by Mike Weis on Sound Practice (Monastral)
  6. Part One by Tape Loop Orchestra on The Invisibles (Other Ideas)
  7. An Opening by Bethan Kellough on Aven (Touch)
  8. Stem by Damian Valles on Strand (Voxxov)
  9. Conditionals by Amulets on Personal Power (self released)
  10. Healing Side by Tongues Of Light on Channelled Messages (Pre-Cert)
  11. Obscured And Waiting by Braeyden Jae on Fog Mirror (Whited Sepulchre)
  12. Cigarette by Insect Factory on Work (Insect Fields)
  13. Framed By The Edge Of The Earth by Robert Curgenven on Climata (Dragon's Eye / Recorded Fields)
  14. Blessing & Embodiment by Sunken Cathedral on Subtle Body (Black Horizons)
  15. Arp 220 by Jeremy Bible on Music For Black Holes (Aole)