Anti-Gravity Bunny Radio (2016-12-19) - Top 30 Drone Countdown, Part II

The top 15 of my 30 favorite drone records this year. See Part I of the radio countdown over here and the actual list over here.

Kinda messed up the timing of some of the talk breaks (like the last set of songs goes on for about 45 minutes instead of 30), so, sorry about that.


  1. Fallen by Architeuthis Rex on Stilbon Is Dead (Midira)
  2. How Far Am I From Canaan? by Eola on Dang (Leaving)
  3. What a beautiful world this will be. by Nested on Nested 3 (self released)
  4. Mishra Bhairavi by Matt Carlson / Michael Stirling / Doug Theriault on Aakash (Root Strata)
  5. Independently Together by Fis on From Patterns To Details (Subtext)
  6. How You Look When You're Not Looking by Jon Mueller on Tongues (Rhythmplex)
  7. Radiatory Transmissions by Of Earth And Sun on A Consuming Fire (Maniacal Hatred)
  8. Sheep's Joy by Accident Du Travail on Très Précieux Sang (The Trilogy Tapes)
  9. Marche de Fahy by La Tène on Vouerca/Fahy (Three Four)
  10. Long Life by Phurpa on Rituals Of Bön I (Zoharum)
  11. eidolons beginning p = (m²A ² am to (rho-z)-y ∂t+(ρ see to wait dz/dt = it xy that I -beta* do not z countless by Paul Jebanasam on Continuum (Subtext)
  12. Sky Wires by Shovels Beat The Sun on Sky Wires (Bitrot)
  13. Black Metal by Ela Stiles on Black Metal (Paradise Daily)
  14. Wrangham by Claire M. Singer on Solas (Touch)
  15. Part 3 by Maja S. K. Ratkje on Crepuscular Hour (Rune Grammofon)