The Hanging Garden Radio Show 1/3 w/Davey and Owen!


  1. Black Celebration by Depeche Mode on Black Celebration
  2. What The Water Gave Me by Florence and The Machine on Ceremonials
  3. 23 by Blonde Redhead on 23
  4. Alice by The Sisters Of Mercy on Alice E.P.
  5. Things Fall Apart by Cristina on ZE Records Christmas Comp
  6. Portugal by Eleven Pond on Bas Relief
  7. Far Too Hard by Dead Or Alive on Sophisticated Boom Boom
  8. Art Of Parties by Central Room
  9. You Lose by 1000 Ohm
  10. Night Toys by Pale TV
  11. by
  12. Komikaze Playboy by Biomekkanik
  13. Love My Way by Assemblage 23
  14. All The Clocks Are Broken by Cop Shoot Cop on Ask Questions Later
  15. Lucifer Over London by Current 93 on Lucifer Over London EP
  16. Vampire by Fear Condition on 'Till Night Comes Again
  17. Her Love Rubbed Off by The Cramps on Stay Sick
  18. We Are The One by Monica Richards on InfraWarrior
  19. Pendulum by Cliff and Ivy on CXI 111
  20. by
  21. by
  22. Skin Deep by The Stranglers on Aural Sculptures