Return of the Baqvas with Baqvas

What happens when you watch too much Star Wars, grab too much vinyl from Balades Sonores in Paris, screenshot every interesting band mention, and are away from the turntables for too long = this show.

Muslim musicians killin' it in Houston with inauguration protest concert


Punk Band Giant Kitty Fights Post-its and Prejudice in 'This Stupid Stuff' Video

Saudi Women Protesting Restrictions through Music

THIS SHOW IS FOR ANTI-FASCISTS. and people who like underground french music.


  1. I Could Have Died by J.C. Satàn on J.C. Satàn (Born Bad Records)
  2. For Them No Premises by Frustration on Full of Sorrow (Born Bad Records)
  3. No Trouble by Frustration on Full of Sorrow (Born Bad Records)
  4. Your Love is a Devil by Tropical Horses on Mirador (Anywave)
  5. Dead Gaze Exorcism by Tropical Horses on Mirador (Anywave)
  6. Side A by Bordeaux Rock on 10 Ans de Rock á Bordeaux (Bordeaux Rock)
  7. This Stupid Stuff by Giant Kitty on This Stupid Stuff (Innsbruck Records)
  8. 11 to 9 by TURNAWAYS on Summer Love (Self Released)
  9. Iman (home demo) by Ruiners (Self Released)
  10. Break
  11. LIVIN' IN THE GARDEN STATE by DUSTERS on DEMO 2016 (Self Released)
  12. Hwages by Majedalesa (Self Released)