cheetle radio 1.20.17...ROCK OUT, march on.

donald is in and cheetles ain't stoked about it...but we wont let his tiny hands grab anything of ours, especially the radio dials.

ok killer babes. we're here to help you get even more fired up, riled up and snarled with greasy punk protest anthems and a grip of tracks featured on fresh rock & roll compilations that directly benefit the lady parts (a.k.a. planned parenthood), lady rights, glbtq rights, immigrants, the earth, and all the other sacred things this administration gives two shits about...AHHHHH.

we gotta stay together, cheetles.


  1. we wont go back by love always on battle hymns
  2. no more fizz by MEDS on battle hymns
  3. fight the hate by mary timony on battle hymns
  4. fuck 2016 by doub martsch on battle hymns
  5. save our soul by boss hog on battle hymns
  6. Happy New Year (Prince Can't Die Again) by Mac McCaughan on Battle Hymns
  7. fly on your wall by angel olsen on Our First 100 Days
  8. i'm not mean by cumstain on Munchin School (puppy teeth)
  9. metally ill by psychomagic (Puppy Teeth Records)
  10. ya no me voy by panderia (puppy tooth records)
  11. away by upset (Puppy Teeth Records)
  12. i'm gonna try to romance you by pizza time (puppy teeth records)
  13. romantic by Mannequin Pussy on Romantic (Tiny Engines)
  14. pledge by mannequin pussy on Romantic (Tiny Engines)
  15. audrey by the birthing hips on no sorry
  16. pink white house by priests on nothing feels natural (Sister Polygon)
  17. evil by savages on Adore Life (Matador Records)
  18. Raygun Suitcase by pere ubu on folly of youth (fire records)
  19. (machine) 1-6-8 by rats on rafts on tape hiss (fire records)
  20. RNRFON by tense men on where dull care is forgotten (faux discx)
  21. the bullshit century pt 2 by dick stusso on nashville dreams / sings the blues (vacant stare)
  22. sewer baby by violence creeps on DIE (vacant stare)
  23. Lupine Dominus by Thee Oh Sees on Putrifiers II (The Red Records)