Anti-Gravity Bunny Radio (2017-01-23) - Label Spotlight: Debacle Records

Debacle is run by one dude, Sam Melancon, out of Seattle and he's been at it for over a decade. It's been an AGB mainstay ever since I first heard that Megabats record back in 2009 and I've been faithful ever since (oh what's that? you're wondering what my favorite Debacle release is? so glad you asked. it's almost certainly Total Life's Bender/Drifter). From now until the end of the month (I think?) he's got just about every release on the Bandcamp page set to pay what you want. So go download literally everything because it's super eclectic and all 100% amazing and throw Sam as much money as you can. Then make sure you head back later this year when he drops the new High Aura'd and Aquarelle records (!!!!!).


  1. Meak Attack by Megabats on In/Out (Debacle)
  2. Black (Take Four) by Daniel Bachman on Grey-Black-Green (Debacle)
  3. The Thought Of This... by Demian Johnston & Kevin Gan Yuen on Keep Your Hands (Debacle)
  4. Ahni Hansa by Paintings For Animals on Kristeater (Debacle)
  5. Excavating by Dull Knife on Dull Knife (Debacle)
  6. Callas by Black Hat on Spectral Disorder (Debacle)
  7. Amazone Wall Smasher by Zac Nelson on Charbroile (Debacle)
  8. Bender by Total Life on Bender/Drifter (Debacle)
  9. If I Could Go Back by Hayden Pedigo on Five Steps (Debacle)
  10. 000X by Chambers on Sigma Flare I (Debacle)
  11. Alba by Camedor on En Ut/Alba (Debacle)
  12. Dogfish Blues by Elkhorn on Elkhorn (Debacle)