highpoint lowlife radio show #53


  1. Erotic Dance Music (Sexual Power) by Sex Music Zone on Tantric Sex Songs: Making Love Music
  2. Marva by Yotam Avni on Monad XXII (stroboscopic artefacts)
  3. I Am Ocean by Laraaji on Celestial Music 1978 - 2011 (all saints)
  4. Shine Up by Simon Fisher Turner on Giraffe (editions mego)
  5. Ja Nem Gritam No Calvario by Gonzo & Luar Domatrix on Antologia De Música Atípica Portuguesa (discrepant)
  6. Rio Branco by Nicola Cruz on Cantos de Visión - EP (multi culti)
  7. Press by Ben Hauke on Wari EP (melodica)
  8. Kolingo (Love) by Château Flight on Versatile 1996-2016 (Versatile)
  9. kabuki by Young wolf on kabuki (Themes for great cities)
  10. Calme Infini by Hove on Portes du Soleil
  11. B1 by SW on untitled (sued)
  12. for vanda by Ramzi on Phobiza "Noite" Vol. 2 (Mood hut)
  13. fret not by Brainwaltzera on marzipan
  14. Les Yeux de la Grandesse by Tryphème on Online Dating (central processing unit)
  15. Hiccup by Louf on Valby
  16. Bearing and Writhe by Oto Hiax on S/T (editions mego)
  17. loop one by Shanti celeste on peach disc
  18. Pay the Rent by Alex Burkat on Pay the Rent - EP (permanent vacation)
  19. She Taught Me How To Love by Rimbaudian on Letters (Ten Thousand Yen)
  20. Roasted Veggies by Mor Elian on Nightingale Floor (bldg5)
  21. k2k by We Down For
  22. catching feelings by mall grab (hot haus recs)
  23. sexi deni by dj central s on basil ep (help)
  24. Beachy by Hidden Spheres on By & Bye (distant Hawaii)