cheetle radio 2.17.17

put a squid on your head and eat some bread. the psych/garage/tit bangers are here to stay.


  1. sundays & cybele by chaos & systems on chaos & systems (beyond is beyond is beyond)
  2. dumb terror by mossy
  3. deep snow II by grails on chalic hymnal
  4. jeremy's storm by tame impala on innerspeaker (Interscope)
  5. celebration day by dire wolves (Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records)
  6. nothing feels natural by priests on nothing feels natural (Sister Polygon)
  7. haunted history by meatbodies on ALICE (In The Red)
  8. Snake Charmer by Shame Waves
  9. ending by mr. elevator on when the morning greets you (rad cat records)
  10. dama de lavanda by paperhead on chew (trouble in mind)
  11. second wind by equators on gigantic waves, i'm not here
  12. i got your message by hideout on so many hoops/so little time (small plates records)
  13. too bad so sad by michael rault on living daylight (burger)
  14. good love by jenny o on Automechanic (Holy Trinity)
  15. destiny by triptides on colors (jaunt records)
  16. JBS by Chaz Bundick & The Mattson 2 on Star Stuff (company records)
  17. dualism disrupted by al lover on interference patterns (reverberation appreciation)
  18. Don't Gazing Me by Boys Age on Calm Time (Burger Records)
  19. Halcyon Days by Disappears on Irreal (Kranky)
  20. Bad Vibrations by The Black Angels on Phosphene Dream (Blue Horizon)
  21. or, the anatomy of the image by lyonais on or, the anatomy of the image (geographic north)
  22. California Took My Bobby Away by holy wave on Freaks of Nurture (reverberation appreciation society)
  23. jaded future by la femme on Psycho Tropical Berlin (universal music)