Transfiguration #3

Energy for play bunnies


  1. Atlanta 96 by Logos on Cold Mission (Logos)
  2. Shrine Out by Forest Swords on Shrine (Forest Swords)
  3. Rosa by Grimes on Geidi Prime (Grimes)
  4. Tuck by Kate Gately on Tuck (Kate Gately)
  5. Music for Pieces of Wood by Steve Reich on Reich - Sextet (Steve Reich)
  6. Sonne by Patten on Sonne (Patten)
  7. This is How by Yotam Avi on This is How (Yotam Avi)
  8. Building of the Mountain by Peder Mannerfelt on Controlling Body (Peder Mannerfelt)
  9. Genisis by Grimes on Visions (Grimes)
  10. Ahora Estoy Solo by Los Hitters on Los Hitters (Los Hitters)
  11. Whispers.wav by ESPRIT 空想 on (ESPRIT 空想)
  12. El Ultimo Beso by Baladas de los 60 & 70 on Los Johnny Jets (Los Johnny Jets)
  13. Careful What You Say by Class Actress on Journey of Ardency (Class Actress)
  14. Bleed by George Clanton on 100% Electronica (Self Released)
  15. Private Caller by Skylar Spence on Portals Summer II (Skylar Spence)
  16. Everyones Doing it by Inbassador on Eccentric Soul (Inbassador)
  17. When You Were Mine by Prince on Dirty Mind (Prince)
  18. Lifeeeee is fore by Traxman on Da Mind Of The Traxman (Traxman)
  19. Free by DJ Nate on Da Tracks Genious (DJ Nate)
  20. Aculpoco by Mike Simonetti – Sam Sparro on Capricorn Rising (Mike Simonetti)
  21. Hennessey & Sailor Moon by Yung Lean on Frost God (Yung Lean)
  22. conga blue by Peaking Lights on little flower (Peaking Lights)
  23. Tu Cabeza en mi Hombre by Enique Guzman on Enique Guzman (Enique Guzman)
  24. Shot Down by Khalid on Shot Down (Khalid)
  25. Tonight by Black Atlass on Haunted Paridise (Black Atlass)
  26. Space is the Place by Sun Ra on Space is the Place (Sun Ra)