Transfiguration #4


  1. Not just money by Frank Ocean on Channel Orange (Frank Ocean)
  2. The cycle of nature by Akira Kosmura on Akira Kosmura (Akira Kosmura)
  3. Just a thought by Cross Country on Cross Country (Cross Country)
  4. Door to the cosmos by Sun Ra on Sun Ra (Sun Ra)
  5. Shine in Exhile by Beat the Devil on Beat the Devil (Beat the Devil)
  6. Who do you think you are fooling by Symphonic Four on Symphonic Four (Symphonic Four)
  7. The World (Is Going Up In Flames) by Charles Bradley on No Time for Dreaming (Charles Bradley)
  8. I'll Take Back My Love by Linda Jones on Linda Jones (Linda Jones)
  9. Cosplay by Panda Bear on Crosswords EP (Panda Bear)
  10. Bus in these streets by Thundercat on Thundercat (Thundercat)
  11. OKAGA, CA by Tyler, The Creator on Cherry Bomb (Tyler, The Creator)
  12. Sacrifies by Drake on More Life (Drake)
  13. problms by 6lack on free 6lack (free 6lack)
  14. Torment by Bobby Raps on Couch Potatoe (Bobby Raps)
  15. Nights by Frank Ocean on Blonde (Frank Ocean)
  16. Hop Out by Yung Lean on Frost God (Yung Lean)
  17. Rock the bells by Boys Noize on Mayday (Boys Noize)
  18. 3am by Thundercat on Thundercat (Thundercat)
  19. Total Decay by The Soft Moon on Total Decay (The Soft Moon)
  20. Smile! No one cares how you feel by The Gothic Archies on The Tragic Treasury (The Tragic Treasury)
  21. Cherry by Chromatics on Cherry (Chromatics)
  22. What did he say by Nite Jewel on Good Evening (Nite Jewel)
  23. Romantic Streams by Sleep Over on Forever (Hippos In Tanks)
  24. Don't Worry Bout the Fuck I'm Doing by Negative Gemini on Body Work (100% ELECTRONICA RECORDS)
  25. True Blue by Dirty Beaches on Badlands (Warner Bros. Music Group)
  26. Workingonit by J Dilla on Donuts (Stones Throw)
  27. Disco Dancer by Bappi Lahiri on Disco Dancer (original motion picture soundtrack) (Disco Dancer)
  28. Singing (RUMTUM Remix) by Way Yes on Walkability (Lefse Records)
  29. Lila Engel (Lilac Angel) by Neu! on NEU! 2 (Neu!)
  30. Glass Jar by Gang Gang Dance on Eye Contact (4AD)
  31. Tilde by Boredoms on Boredoms (Boredoms)