Transfiguration #5



  1. COSPLAY by Panda Bear on Crosswords EP (Panda Bear)
  2. All Prevading by Laraaji on Celestial Vibration (Soul Jazz)
  3. Love is Everywhere by Pharaoh Sanders on Village of Pharoahs (Pharaoh Sanders)
  4. Weird Honey by Elvis Depressedly on Holo Pleasures (Elvis Depressedly)
  5. Cherry-colored Funk by Cocteau Twins on Heaven or Las Vegas (Cocteau Twins)
  6. Peacemaker by Animal Collective on The Painters EP (Animal Collective)
  7. Super by Neu! on Neu! 2 (Neu! 2)
  8. That's Us/Wild Combination by Arthur Russell on Calling out of context (Arthur Russell)
  9. Moonshake by Can on Future Days (Can)
  10. Empire of the Senses by Bill Nelson on The Love That Whi (Bill Nelson)
  11. I Cry (Night After Night) by The Egyptian Lover on On The Nile (The Egyptian Lover)
  12. Bicycle by Memory Tapes on Seek Magic (Memory Tapes)
  13. Be A Body by Grimes on Visions (Grimes)
  14. Need To Know by Nackt (Nackt)
  15. This is How by Yotam Avi on This is How (Yotam Avi)
  16. No Rum by Negative on BODY WORK (100% ELECTRONICA RECORDS)
  17. The Strange Attractor by Silent Servant on Negative Fascination (Silent Servant)
  18. Head by Eternal Death on Eternal Death (Eternal Death)
  19. Chin Up by Former Ghosts on New Love (Former Ghosts)
  20. Sleewalking by Cosmetics on Olympia Plus (Cosmetics)
  21. Love Distance by teams on Love Distance / Glow Fam (teams)
  22. I love everything about you by Syreeta on Stevie Wonder Presents Syreeta (Syreeta)
  23. Les Fluers by Minnie Ripperton on Les Fluers (Minnie Ripperton)
  24. Didn't I by Darando on Listen to my song (Darando)
  25. California Dreaming by Lee Moses on Time and Place (Lee Moses)
  26. Steam, Part 1 by Archie Shepp on Antica Blues (Archie Shepp)