@Jon_Digital Season 4 - Episode 09

Roll up, roll up! I have new music to dazzle your beautiful brain with. Wear headphones.


  1. The Distance by Gavin Turek on The Distance (Madame Gold)
  2. The Pipe by Pilgrims of Peace on The Slipper (Horizontal Mambo)
  3. The Pipe by Pilgrims of Peace on The Slipper (Horizontal Mambo)
  4. Grow by Calibre on Grow/Lost (The Nothing Special)
  5. Grow by Calibre on Grow/Lost (The Nothing Special)
  6. When Suddenly : Acid by Cosmo Vitelli on Cosmo Vitelli (I'm a Cliche)
  7. Songbirds by Courage on Songbirds (Rinse)
  8. Disco Fool by James Curd on I Get Up (To DC) (Exploited)
  9. Hybrid by Gianni Brezzo on Tak €2 (Dorjungs)
  10. Precipitation by Arnaldo on Good Music Hips, Bad Music Fists EP (Naturist Recordings)
  11. Why U Mad by Drae Da Skimask on Ficante (Astral Black)
  12. Bruxo (JAJA Remix) by Nicola Cruz on Visiones (Multi Culti)
  13. Alicia (David Scott Stone Remix) by M|O|O|N on Alicia (Friends Of Friends)
  14. Bastien Keb by Nocturnal/Midnight Shift on 22.02.85 (First Word Records)
  15. Ladies Night by Bas Roos on Ladies Night EP (Robosoul)
  16. The Highest Flood by Forest Swords on The Highest Flood (Ninja Tune)
  17. Hyena by Soft Error on Mechanism (Village Green)
  18. Schopenhauer's Garden by Mark Barrott on Music For Presence (International Feel Recordings)
  19. Ambush by Carsten Jost on Perishable Tactics (Dial Records)
  20. Aloha Ice Jam by O'Flynn on Glow Worm/Aloha Ice Jam (O'Flynn)
  21. Kraftfeld by Khidja on Impossible Holiday (Hivern Discs)
  22. Spitting Image (Jack Patterns Reinterpretation) by Benjamin Fröhlich on Rude Remixes (Permanent Vacation)
  23. John Doe's Carnival of Error by Blanck Mass on World Eater (Sacred Bones)
  24. Hidden Wealth by Cannibale on No Mercy For Love (Bad Records)
  25. Fire Water by Majora on RKS Allstars 6