Mar 18


  1. On Doing An Evil Deed Blues by John Fahey on The Legend of Blind Joe Death (Fantasy)
  2. Like Going Down Sideways by Cut Worms on Don't Want To Say Good-Bye (Randy)
  3. All The Pleasures Of The World by They Crayon Fields on All The Pleasures Of The World (Self Released)
  4. Kouigan-Amman by El Perro Del Mar on KoKoro (The Control Group)
  5. Mr. Airplane by Jillian and the Giants on Mr. Airplane (Meaghan Radek)
  6. Galaxies by Jenn Grant on Galaxies (Ba Da Bing!)
  7. Wanted 2 Say by Samaris on Black Lights (One Little Indian)
  8. 3WW by alt-J on 3WW (Infectious)
  9. Trisha Please Come Home by Advance Base on Nephew In The Wild (Self Released)
  10. Come Inside by Magic Trick on River of Souls (Empty Cellar)
  11. Social Chess by Tess & Dave on Tess & Dave EP (Friendship Fever)
  12. I'm Fine by Hazel English on I'm Fine (Marathon Artists)
  13. Make You Better by Uni Ika Ai on Keeping a Golden Bullseye in the Corner of My Mind (Zen Squid)
  14. París Norðursins by Prins Póló on París Norðursins (Skakkapopp)