Radioculars 17//08


  1. Pianta Road by Simon Cotter on Good Measure Part 2 EP (Aficianado)
  2. Kite by Eric Howl on Kite (self-released)
  3. Disco Kid by Chaz Bunick Meets The Mattson 2 on Star Stuff (Company Records)
  4. Catastrophe by Hollow Everdaze on Cartoons (Deaf Ambitions)
  5. Beaches by Gabriella Cohen on Full Closure and No Details (Captured Tracks)
  6. Somebody by Dream Wife (Lucky Number)
  7. Love Is Love by Woods (Woodsist)
  8. 1000 Times by Toma on Aroma (self-released)
  9. Petals by Tops on Sugar at the Gate (Arbutus Records)
  10. Michy Maus by B. Bullion (Deek Recordings)
  11. Thinkin' of the USA by Asphalt on Hamburger Saignant II (Frantic City Records)
  12. Minnesota by The Courtneys on III (Flying Nun Records)
  13. Different Now by Chastity Belt on Different Now (Hardly Art)
  14. Hiding To Nothing by Lovely Bad Things on Nobodied (self-released)
  15. Talk 2 Her by Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs on Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs (Burger Records)
  16. 10 Fingers by Abadabad on Touch the Feel (self-released)
  17. Bunker Funk by Damaged Bug on Bunker Funk (Castle Face Records)
  18. Level 1 by Al Lover Meets Cairo Liberation Front on Al Lover Meets Cairo Liberation Front (HÖGA NORD REKORDS)
  19. Don't End Up Alone by Presentable Corpse (Grey Market)
  20. As Above, So Below by Hnry Flwr on HNRY FLWR (Paper Garden Records)
  21. Somos Chulas (No Somos Pendejas) by Downtown Boys on Somos Chulas (Sub Pop)
  22. Captain's Dead by The Coathangers (Suicide Squeeze)
  23. Break
  24. Jame Gumb by The Parrots on Los Ninos Sin Miedo (Heavenly Recordings)
  25. Painting a Picture by John Andrews & The Yawns on Bad Posture (Woodsist Records)
  26. White Fish by Haiduks on 1968 (Burger Records)
  27. Evolution by Sarah Bethe Nelson on Oh, Evolution (Burger Records)
  28. You've Got Me by Alex Napping on Mise En Place (Father/Daughter Records)
  29. Prequel by Reptaliens (Captured Tracks)
  30. 123 by Girlpool on Powerplant (ANTI-Records)
  31. Heaven Couldn't Wait by Emotional on The Band (Death Records)