The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show, Episode 59


  1. Rain over Overath by Leyden Jars on Victuals (Mordant)
  2. Love Means Taking Action by Croatian Amor on Love Means Taking Action (alter/posh)
  3. Deep Eyes Blue Skies by Trudge on When The Rain (shall not fade)
  4. Mineral Jam by Akasha System on NV012 (Neo Violence)
  5. Ocean City by Pacific Coliseum on Ocean City LP (Coastal Haze)
  6. Telepaths by Teengirl Fantasy on 8AM (Planet Mu)
  7. yeah cmon revised by kenny dope on presents powerhouse 3
  8. i wantcha by drill impulse (strictly rhythm)
  9. The MKappella by mk (delsin)
  10. House Music (All Night Long) (Cool House Dub) by 2 Guys On Acid (Lower Level Records)
  11. After Darkness by Brassfoot on after dark ep (unknown to the unknown)
  12. Amen To The Lonely by Slacker on Amen To The Lonely (Visit
  13. Hard Core - Hip House by Tyree Cooper (D.J. International Records)
  14. Going Within by Brother Ah on Searching (manufactured)
  15. S.O by Kelly Lee Owens on Kelly Lee Owens (smalltown supersound)
  16. Noshi by Seb Wildblood & Apes on Noshi / Mortimer Road (skint)
  17. Move On (Let Go) [De-stress Mix] by Octo Octa on Where Are We Going? (Honey soundsystem)
  18. In the Café by Åmnfx on Moscow Beat (100% silk)
  19. Good Signs by Mic Mills on The Globalise (coastal haze)
  20. Hopi by Woo on Into the Heart of Love (clive ives)
  21. ---- by Roza Roza on Sadok Sudei (Visit
  22. unknown by unknown on unknown (unknown to the unknown)
  23. - by dj octopus on hongnkong ep (hot haus)
  24. - by vin sol remix (hot haus recs)
  25. Classe 2 by Royer (Mork)
  26. - by hllw (Visit