The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show, Episode 59


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  1. Rain over Overath by Leyden Jars on Victuals (Mordant) $ Buy
  2. Love Means Taking Action by Croatian Amor on Love Means Taking Action (alter/posh) $ Buy
  3. Deep Eyes Blue Skies by Trudge on When The Rain (shall not fade) $ Buy
  4. Mineral Jam by Akasha System on NV012 (Neo Violence) $ Buy
  5. Ocean City by Pacific Coliseum on Ocean City LP (Coastal Haze) $ Buy
  6. Telepaths by Teengirl Fantasy on 8AM (Planet Mu) $ Buy
  7. yeah cmon revised by kenny dope on presents powerhouse 3 (-) $ Buy
  8. i wantcha by drill impulse (strictly rhythm ) $ Buy
  9. The MKappella by mk (delsin) $ Buy
  10. House Music (All Night Long) (Cool House Dub) by 2 Guys On Acid (Lower Level Records) $ Buy
  11. After Darkness by Brassfoot on after dark ep (unknown to the unknown) $ Buy
  12. Amen To The Lonely by Slacker on Amen To The Lonely (Visit $ Buy
  13. Hard Core - Hip House by Tyree Cooper ( D.J. International Records) $ Buy
  14. Going Within by Brother Ah on Searching (manufactured) $ Buy
  15. S.O by Kelly Lee Owens on Kelly Lee Owens (smalltown supersound) $ Buy
  16. Noshi by Seb Wildblood & Apes on Noshi / Mortimer Road (skint) $ Buy
  17. Move On (Let Go) [De-stress Mix] by Octo Octa on Where Are We Going? (Honey soundsystem) $ Buy
  18. In the Café by Åmnfx on Moscow Beat (100% silk) $ Buy
  19. Good Signs by Mic Mills on The Globalise (coastal haze) $ Buy
  20. Hopi by Woo on Into the Heart of Love (clive ives) $ Buy
  21. ---- by Roza Roza on Sadok Sudei (Visit $ Buy
  22. unknown by unknown on unknown (unknown to the unknown) $ Buy
  23. - by dj octopus on hongnkong ep (hot haus) $ Buy
  24. - by vin sol remix (hot haus recs) $ Buy
  25. Classe 2 by Royer (Mork) $ Buy
  26. - by hllw (Visit $ Buy