Anti-Gravity Bunny Radio (2014-12-08) - Top 20 Drone Countdown

One song from each of my 20 favorite drone records this year, starting with Aires at 20 and ending with The Number One Ian William Craig.


  1. Orgânico II - Monolítico by Aires on Aires (Enough)
  2. Break
  3. Final Light, Last Light by Tecumseh on Violet (Anti-Matter)
  4. Break
  5. Orogenic Uplift by Faures on Continental Drift (Home Normal)
  6. Break
  7. Maria Timofeyevna pt.1 by Siavash Amini on What Wind Whispered To The Trees (FutureSequence)
  8. Break
  9. Sea The Shroud / Janice Was Into Recovery (excerpt) by The Fun Years on One Quarter Descent (Spring Break)
  10. Break
  11. Whitegirl (excerpt) by William Cody Watson on Seafoam (No Kings)
  12. Break
  13. Guillotines And Kingmakers by Lawrence English on Wilderness Of Mirrors (Room40)
  14. Break
  15. (in) by David Andree + Josh Mason on Call, Response (Own)
  16. Break
  17. La Failure Et La Chance by Kyle Bobby Dunn on …And The Infinite Sadness (Students Of Decay)
  18. Break
  19. Autumns Trinkets by Skullflower on Draconis (Cold Spring)
  20. Break
  21. II by Jumalhämärä on Resitaali (Ahdistuksen Aihio)
  22. Break
  23. Certain Words Again And Again (excerpt) by Billy Gomberg on Certain Words Again And Again (Sunshine Ltd)
  24. Break
  25. The Leaf Chorus (excerpt) by Sublamp on Lianas (Eilean)
  26. Break
  27. Relief (excerpt) by Rvnes on Rest/Relief (Jehu And Chinamen)
  28. Break
  29. Like a Wisp of Smoke, a Glowing Butterlamp (excerpt) by Æther on Tagzig Olmo Lung Ring (Mandragorae)
  30. Break
  31. Valley Of Quartz by Saåad on Deep/Float (Hands In The Dark)
  32. Break
  33. Requiem, Et Cetera (excerpt) by HolyKindOf on Stay/Sea (Eilean)
  34. Break
  35. Not Knowing (excerpt) by Nicholas Szczepanik on Not Knowing (Desire Path)
  36. Break
  37. Ode II (C-221) by Hellvete on Ode (Deep Distance)
  38. Break
  39. The Edges by Ian William Craig on A Turn of Breath (Recital)