episode one hundred nineteen - egress & shakur

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Let me explain this episode. This show is divided into two parts. The first part is called Egress. The second part is called Shakur.

Two people standing in front of us. We walk around them, in between them.

We look at them from the back, the front, and the side.

Two scenarios or situations.

The first scenario is an intimate example of two people in a Gestalt therapeutic setting. It's awkward and stilted. then, over time, becomes a flowing gown in mid-air. the walls fall away, the voices soften and hover, and it is not awkward anymore.

The second situation is the classroom, the dream of algebra, and the comfort and control of math to math instructors. Muttering math jokes to themselves, they work with what they have and believe in what they know to be true. math like a metal shield. three math instructors talking and writing on whiteboards with squeaky magic markers.

My touchstone for this episode is one of my favorite movies, Code Unknown by Michael Haneke.

Thank you for reading this note. Please enjoy the show.

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