Closed Casket Activities



Most recently, Something Something Explosion played Doomtech by on Wednesday 10th Apr, 2024.

On has played Closed Casket Activities releases from artists such as Fleshwater, Nothing, Full of Hell, Full Of Hell, Nothing,, Full Of Hell, Primitive Man, Incendiary, Gulch, Gatecreeper, God's Hate.


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a rad catalog of alt, punk, emo, hardcore, acoustic, and doom presented by Twin Peaks Sessions

Martyrs is a carnival of sound. From jarring noise to haunting ambient, from mind-bending electronica to poetic dissonance, Martyrs seeks to lift up the sounds that embrace the chaos, the cacophony and the beauty found in the unconventional.

Music playing inside the haunted space age bachelor pads from your dreams. Experimental/industrial/psychedelia/krautrock/goth/lounge/occult/weird shit.