Most recently, Scratchy Wax, Waxy Scratch played Solid by Mandrill on Thursday 4th Apr, 2024.

On has played UA releases from artists such as Mandrill, The Loops of Fury, Dory Previn, The Clovers, Nana Lourdes, Electric Light Orchestra.


Check out these shows on, showcasing music from UA!

Exploring the frontiers of electronic dance music. Sometimes funky, sometimes dark, always groovy.

night time music for night time people at night... songs for the lovers and songs for the lonelyhearts and songs for those on the in-between

A mixed bag of old and new tunes; from Punk to Funk, Jazz, Jams, Rare Grooves, Soundtracks, Beats and more!

Themed playlists that make you feel things.

Cult Hero is a mix of classic and modern. It’s a lifetime of influences, including power pop, new wave, classic & retro soul, electronics, and jangly guitars. Mondays 6-7a Pacific on

Sounds culled from swap meets, thrift stores, and other off the beaten track spots.

feeling our feelings on the airwaves, one song at a time :•)