Each Thursday during our end of year fundraising campaign we're sharing a letter from a local musician about how BFF.fm has benefited them in 2020, but since tomorrow is Xmas Eve, here's this week's letter a bit early! Here's Leanne from New Spell:

When the lockdowns were first starting in March, it felt like everything was falling apart. We had an EP slated to come out in May and I had just confirmed all dates for a regional tour I'd booked for the occasion. I was trying to decide what to do: obviously, the tour was canceled, but did it make sense to move forward and release the EP? I was having a hard time making the call, even after speaking with our publicist about shifting to virtual performances to promote... because I had never gone 'live' online before, and honestly, the idea petrified me.

Then along came an email from Amanda, offering bands a chance to do Instagram takeovers in order to help us reach a new audience via BFF's platform as, one by one, everyone saw their musical plans fall through. I had never done a takeover before, but I said I was interested, and soon it was our assigned day. I had some posts and some stories planned... and, toward the end of the day, I spontaneously got up the courage to perform live on IG stories for the first time ever. The reception was great and the experience gave me the confidence to schedule additional virtual events to support our EP release. So, thanks to BFF for supporting local artists, sharing local music, and for giving me, personally, the push to try something new.

Beyond the damn good music and quality programming that is showcased on BFF.fm, they are an organization that truly cares about supporting the music community here in SF.

Here's New Spell's video for the Vandal Moon remix of their single "Home:"

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