Sheesh, what a fuckscape of a year, huh? Well, despite all the sheer mayhem, there's certainly some silver linings out there, I promise. If you're reading this then you survived the worst year on record! Things are already looking brighter. I've never been a fan of New Year's Eve as a holiday but holy shit, this one is going to be the best one ever. Anyways, here's a list of personal highlights of 2020...

5. Otoboke Beaver, a band previously unknown to me, put out the best video I've seen in a while.

4. The world rightly got angry this year and somehow Run the Jewels dropped an incredible album at the absolute most perfect time of any album I can ever recall. Did it make the world less angry? Probably not. Did it help people deal with the anger? Uhh maybe? Regardless, damn fine tunes from a damn fine band.

3. DJ Sanspants and I figured out a way to record our show from our separate Massachusetts homes. It sucks we can't do it in person currently but I'm happy to have the creative outlet of doing a radio show each week!

2. Lemme tell you about this one burger I made. It was a triple decker and there was this expensive goat cheese in between each layer. Imagine a tiny brie the size of a donut hole. It was the only productive thing I did during my only (isolated) vacation of the year. Self satisfaction with the little things is occasionally huge. Relaxation as well. The only other "productive" things on that solo vacation was re-watching The 'Burbs and MacGruber and eating some chips too. Best vacation in years.

1. Very oddly, being isolated and forced to hang out with people on video chats gave me the opportunity to be in contact with more of the community. I've made several new friends who are truly dear to me. They've been super supportive and thrust me into new projects including editing some video. I had never edited video before in my life, and now, somehow, I've made a pilot for the television program. The world can be real wild sometimes. I've never been more involved in the station and this brings me so much joy. I'm so grateful and thankful for everyone I've met! I will be completely elated when I get out to San Francisco to see all these wonderful people face to face.

Go to hell 2020!!! At least you made us all stronger than we could have ever imagined.

-DJ Pants