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PARA BFF is short Paranormal Best Friend Forever. Hosted by Abuela's Pantry's Space Abuela, but in this podcast dimension, they are your cryptid friend Eddie, your paranormal best friend forever. Your paranormal best friend forever, here to talk to local indie musicians and creatives, who have an affinity for the strange. Your paranormal best friend forever, here to tell you stories and new ideas. Here to open up the veil, just a lil. Here to close the gap, a lot.


  • In this episode of Para BFF Alice Knows Karate ,  a dark-pop artist from San Francisco, tells us about the roots of her interest in the…

    S1 E2 35 mins

  • In 2019  SAD13 completed what would be their sophomore album, an album that takes spooky themes as a way to cope with grief and mental illness.

    S1 E1 60 mins

  • Hello boils and ghouls, it is I, Space Abuela of Abuela’s Pantry but in this podcast dimension I am your cryptid friend Eddie. I am your…

    Preview  4 mins