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rainStation born from bleedingsyth, a branch of Armada springs. This show aims to broadcast new music from a variety of communities and "scenes" mostly taking place in the depths of the internet. Classics will still be around as well as a whole lot of oldskool but here at Armada Springs were looking to push the newest faces of the digital era. This also means, though music is the forefront, we will be interviewing and featuring artists on the show that we believe have created art with any form of expression. It's the small details. We need to go over these things.

There is no real way to predict where this show is going. With directive control, a long list of ideas have ran through my head. I hope to create a real experience that can gradually build a structure but still avert itself into the unknown. Something about that adrenaline can be fun to experience as the performer and the viewer. As for the type of music going to be played, it will mostly consist of hard trance music, oldskool hardcore, gabber to frenchcore, footwork to jungle, club to acid, juke and any form of rhythm, industrial and digital hardcore, early thousands classics, emo and newer skramz, freeform to jazz. You name it. I've (rains hi thats me) been listening closely to music for the past decade in my life. Creating and mixing also, but really hearing the sounds. Thinking about how hard it can be to stay present in music. With this show I'm hoping to really keep that spark going, to keep the viewer attentive and interested, unable to tell what is going to happen while still understanding the schedule and core sequence of the show.

Heavy Rotation


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