Synthetic Sounds

About Synthetic Sounds

Thomas is a dj who is a musician who is a coder who dj's, writes music, and codes, and often does all three at the same time (if not 2 of the three at the same time frequently). Expect generative electronic music, generative mixes of off-beat cc-licensed music, and downright unusual dream-logic inspired phenomena. Tracks are chosen by processor, but according to code applied to release date. Track are chosen because they were created algorithmically, be that in a Generative sense or a Generative-Iterative sense. Thomas believes that technology is here to take music to the next level, to improve it, rather than destroy it. At it's worst, generative is yet another option on the dial. At its best, it can be jaw-droppingly cool.

Heavy Rotation

  • Sunday 5:00 – 6:00am


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