The Feelies


  • ez grooves. don't blame it on the sunshine, blame it on the boogie.

  • finale of girlhood 2016 funky moves& slow grooves as long as you get down.

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  • ur fav garage princesses, demonic divas, dancing queens & shoegaze-y dreams the girl u are & want to be scrunchies & all

  • a little i love u hate this fuck the world bc it's okay to feel honoring the ladies who feel the most with us

  • welcome 2 my party turning 25. music on me.

  • fire & throwbacks vday edition

  • larry june (good job larry), new drake and throwbacks you're doing great monica!

  • the rain has stopped now it's time to make it rain purple. plz applaud the reign of new future&kanye janet d'angelo (voodoo 16th anniversary) prince ++++…

  • did u kno it's my 1 yr anniversary at BFF? time2dance~~