Episode 021 - Resign

The Orange flavored dictator is off bloviating around the world, Babies. Meanwhile things are running like WATERGATE at WARP SPEED.

This weeks WTFU shows ya'll a little bit of heavenly history as we take you back to the resignation of Tricky Dick Nixon, new jams in the 60 minutes of revolution and a bow before the late and taken way too soon, Chris Cornell.

Stay active.

Stay angry.

Stay vigilant.




  1. Rusty Cage by Soundgarden on Badmotorfinger
  2. Radio Friendly Unit Shifter by Nirvana on In Utero
  3. Sickman by Alice In Chains on Dirt
  4. Pork Ginger by tricot on 3
  5. Turn up the Radio by Autograph on Sign in Please (RCA)
  6. What’s Happening in Donald Trump’s Head? by Keith Olbermann on The Resistance
  7. Saturn Swallows The Sun by Ghost Twin on Plastic Heart
  8. Funk Your Face by ViceVersa on The Electric Flame
  9. Crom (Strong On His Mountain) by Arnocorps on The Fantastic EP
  10. Walter Cronkite announces President Nixon's resignation 1974 by CBS NEWS on XXX
  11. Nuclear Bomb by Cherry Glazerr on XXX