A Thick Mist (July 10, 2017)

In today's pleasant surprises: mixing Francis Bebey with traditional Japanese flute and the Bible/Henry collab alongside amplified insect sounds.


  1. Oerbron: Returning To The Primal Matter by Nihill on Verdonkermaan (Profound Lore)
  2. Side A by Cris Williamson on Lumière... A Science-Fantasy Fable (Pacific Cascade)
  3. Side A by Every Hidden Color on Luz (Streamline)
  4. Guinée by Francis Bebey on Psychedelic Sanza 1982-1984 (Born Bad)
  5. Ajikan by Riley Kelly Lee on Shakuhachi Honkyoku (Folkways)
  6. Golachab by Saturnalia Temple on Impossibilum (The Ajna Offensive)
  7. Vryashn 2 by Jeremy Bible & Jason Henry on Vryashn (Infraction)
  8. Old Shorty by Harold & Abe on Cornbread, Molasses, And Sassafras Tea (Heritage)
  9. Side B by A. T. Gaul on Sounds Of Insects (Folkways)
  10. The Golden Shamrock by Robbie Basho on The Grail & The Lotus (Takoma)
  11. Melatonin (At Rest. In Bed. On Deck.) by Stillbirth on Toward Sailor (Hospital)
  12. Lament / A Refusal To Mourn The Death, By Fire, Of A Child In London by Dylan Thomas on Reading Volume 2 (Caedmon)
  13. Meselou by Machakos Party on Bellyachers, Listen - Songs From East Africa, 1938-46 (Honest Jon's)
  14. Widowkeeper by Gnaw on Horrible Chamber (Seventh Rule)
  15. Ute... Taimai by Matavera people & Ngapoko Kiritakave on Moments In Rarotonga (Viking)