1. Power Of Love by Judy and Mary on J・A・M (Epic/Sony Records)
  2. brittle woman by glass candy on Love Love Love (Troubleman Unlimited Records)
  3. everybody knows i'm still in love by the yearning (Elefant Records)
  4. faen ta dag by Razika (Warner Music Group)
  5. i gotta dream on by The Stool Pigeons on Rule, Hermania! (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
  6. palamar by Washington
  7. Pandacrush by Strawberry Machine on crazy kit
  8. branca by pega monstro on Alfarroba (https://pegamonstro.bandcamp.com/track/branca)
  9. El Día de Tu Cumpleaños by Pantones on El día de tu cumpleaños (Ruido Rosa)
  10. For You by Gizzelle on devil and angel (Wild Records)
  11. Smiley (We Become) by Sissy Bar on songs for peeps
  12. Mami Mumemo (まみむめも) by フーバーオーバー on Album A Gata Sentimental (A型センチメンタル)
  13. シルブプレ - S'il Vous Plaît by Otoboke Beaver on Bakuro Book
  14. Our Daughters Will Never Be Free by The Indelicates on American Demo (Weekender Records)
  15. Tous Ces Garçons by Cecilia Und Die Sauerkrauts on Sauerkraut, Wurst Und Other Delights (Weekender Records)
  16. I'm A Slut by Bis on We Are Bis From Glasgow, Scotland (Track 5)
  17. Moto Shagg by April March on Paris in April
  18. In The Sand by Burnt Palms on Burnt Palms
  19. En El Año 2000 by D'estrellitas Power on En El Año 2000
  20. Sneaker Song! by Plus-Tech Squeeze Box on FAKEVOX
  21. Rubble by Velocity Girl on Simpatico!
  22. He Tells Me He Loves Me by Delmonas on Dangerous Charms
  23. You Know by Nedelle And Thom on Summerland
  24. Love Song by Chin Chin on Sound of The Westway
  25. Since You Left by Kicker on Our Wild Mercury Years (..:: JUST4FUN ::..)
  26. ai o hanatsu Image by noodles on Slow Coaster (Image of giving out Love)
  27. Fight The System by Arre! Arre! on A.T.T.A.C.K
  28. Fast Boyfriends by Girls at Our Best! on Pleasure (Happy Birthday)
  29. El Diván by Las Escarlatinas on A Todo Color
  30. Shes In Another World by Buck on Buck
  31. Cherry Cherry by The Fizzbombs on Surfin' Winter 12''
  32. Tous Ces Garçons by Cecilia Und Die Sauerkrauts on Sauerkraut, Wurst Und Other Delights
  33. Hipshakin Loving by The Boonaraaas on Go Get Goo Goo
  34. valentimes day by CATNAPS on BOYS DROOL (Visit http://catnaps.bandcamp.com)
  35. Don't Live With Your Lover Or Love With Your Liver by Songs For Moms on The Worse It Gets The Better
  36. Vampire by From Bubblegum to Sky on Nothing Sadder than Lonely Queen (sorts - NuHS)
  37. Firefly by Gobbinjr on Vom Night (Visit http://gobbinjr.bandcamp.com)
  38. Tearing Down Posters by Jawbreaker Reunion on Lutheran Sisterhood Gun Club (Visit http://jawbreakerreunion.bandcamp.com)
  39. XXX by Juniper Moon on ¿Volveras?
  40. The Upshot by The Rondelles on The Fox
  41. Secret by Salem 66 on Natural Disasters, National Treasures
  42. No Company by Sissy Wish on You May Breathe
  43. The Search For Colonel Mustard (Part 2) by Cheese On Bread on The Search For Colonel Mustard
  44. Everyone Else I Know by Slumber Party on Psychedelicate (, AG# 784A4A20)
  45. You Really Got Me Now by The Dazes on Just Dreamy
  46. Silly Boy Dont Be So Bad by Miss Mary on Ready 2 Pop