A Thick Mist (August 21, 2017)

I picked up the Churchill record about a month ago not knowing how appropriate his WWII-era speeches would be this past week or two.


  1. Too Late by Little Walter on Thunderbird (Syndicate Chapter)
  2. I Saw Them That Night by Moss on Horrible Night (Rise Above)
  3. Side A1.1-A1.7 by Various Bulgarian musicians on The Columbia World Library Of Folk And Primitive Music, Vol. XVII: Bulgaria (Columbia)
  4. Nostalgia / Over Your Dead Body / Long Gone (excerpt) by Nicholas Szczepanik on We Make Life Sad (WeMe)
  5. Untitled, In 6 Movements by William Cody Watson on Bill Murray (Bathetic)
  6. A1-A6.3 by Winston Churchill on The Voice Of Winston Churchill (Decca)
  7. Spiraculum Mortis by Celestial Bloodshed on Ω (Terratur Possessions)
  8. Black Tie by Svarte Greiner on Black Tie (Miasmah)
  9. Side B by Pope Paul VI on The First Papal Mass In America (Del Moral)
  10. Supreme Sacrilege by Terence Hannum on Impiety (Umor Rex)
  11. Cello & Wolf Pack No. 1 / Vihuela - Cello And Pack by Jim Nollman on Playing Music With Animals: Interspecies Communication Of Jim Nollman With 300 Turkeys, 12 Wolves And 20 Orcas (Folkways)
  12. The Whale Years by Mountains on Mountains Mountains Mountains (Catsup Plate)
  13. Dung N Kaheng by Unknown Serrehule musicians on African Flutes (Gambia) (Folkways)
  14. Ohio Bell Mystery by Raymond Scott on Three Willow Park (Electronic Music from Inner Space 1961–1971 (Basta)
  15. The Apartment by Giorgio Moroder on American Gigolo Soundtrack (Polydor)
  16. Forests (excerpt) by John Pfeiffer on Electronomusic - 9 Images (RCA Victrola)
  17. Look And Live, My Brother by Elizabeth Cotten on Elizabeth Cotten Vol. 2: Shake Sugaree (Folkways)
  18. Her Bones Rattle In The Wind / A Hollow Promise by Vukari on Matriach (Vendetta)