A Thick Mist (August 28, 2017)

The Bark Haze / Traum record is a weird collab/split picture disc that plays from the inside out, ends in a locked groove, and each channel has one band's music on it. So unless you're playing the record through a mixer that lets you pan all the way to one channel, you're listening to a collaboration between Bark Haze & Traum, but you're technically able to listen to each band's "side" separately. And I just found out it's the second part of a 2001-themed trilogy (the other 2 records functioning the same way as this one), but they never ended up releasing the third one. The first one came out, though, and it's with Windy & Carl and Heavy Winged! So now I totally need to get that too.

Also I was able to include some more timely political speeches, this time Nixon's Watergate resignation speech. I hope to hear something similar in the near future.


  1. Ouranophobia by Anhedonist on The Drear (Parasitic)
  2. Sheik Of Araby by Leon Redbone on Double Time (Warner)
  3. Ride Your Donkey by Bermuda Strollers on Bermuda Strollers '73 (Edmar)
  4. Working Model 1 by Ben Vida & Greg Davis on Working Models (Los Discos Enfantasmes)
  5. President Nixon's Watergate Speech, April 30, 1973 by Richard Nixon on Watergate, Vol.1: The Break In (Folkways)
  6. Mahakala Ceremony by Bokar Rimpoche on Sacred Chants And Tibetan Rituals From The Monastery Of Mirik (Sub Rosa)
  7. Side A by Bark Haze / Traum on Monolith: Jupiter (Music Fellowship)
  8. The Boat / Into Hell by Peter Peter & Peter Kyed on Valhalla Rising Soundtrack (WeMe)
  9. The Satanic Mass by Anton LeVey on The Satanic Mass (Adversary Recordings)
  10. Srirama Ramani by Balakrishna Of Travancore on Ragas: Songs of India (Folkways)
  11. Time Travel Of The Sloth Parts I & II by Eluvium on Jesu / Eluvium split (Temporary Residence / Hydra Head)
  12. The Mogul by Dion McGregor on The Dream World Of Dion McGregor (He Talks In His Sleep) (Decca)
  13. Anaitis Hymnal; The Arkose Disc by Ex Eye on Ex Eye (Relapse)
  14. Finale by Horseback on Impale Golden Horn (Three Lobed / Divide By Zero)
  15. Swallowtail Jig by Douglas Ecker on More Path Rent (Ecker Works)
  16. B1-B8 by Roy Simmons, Joy Niedo, & Roe Kahrahrah on Comanche Peyote Songs, Vol. 1 (Indian House)
  17. Stop Breakin' Down Blues (Take 1) by Robert Johnson on The Complete Recordings (Columbia)