A Thick Mist (September 18, 2017)

I got to play one of my all-time favorite songs (“Nine Brothers & The Wolf”) and what might very well be the metal record of the year (As We Cup Our Hands…). Good times all around. Still down to one turntable and I’m not sure when the other will get fixed, but I seem to be managing.


  1. The Death Of Floyd Collins by Pick Temple on The Pick Of The Crop (Prestige International)
  2. To Wallow In The Filth That Dwells Where Despair Is Born / A Shell Of One's Former Self by Cavernlight on As We Cup Our Hands And Drink From The Stream Of Our Ache (Gilead Media)
  3. Air Da Ne Storish Majko by Vaska Ilieva on Brass Pins & Match Heads: International 78s (Mississippi)
  4. Blue Basket (Instrumental Version) by Unknown artist on Cambodian Cassette Archives: Khmer Funk & Pop Music Volume 1 (Sublime Frequencies)
  5. Side A by Dead Machines on Plays Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (Arbor)
  6. All The Stolen Land Of Palestine by Muslimgauze on Jerusalem (Staalplaat)
  7. Romans Peru (Frag) by Anatol Stern on To Mor Row: Futurist Poetry (VEC Audio Edition)
  8. More Warning by The Aggrovators on King Tubby's Special 1973-1976 (Trojan)
  9. Marsz by Bruno Jasienski on To Mor Row: Futurist Poetry (VEC Audio Edition)
  10. Nine Brothers & The Wolf by Jakob Battick & Friends on Bloodworm Songs (Horsehouse, Ltd.)
  11. Tondo Muya by Salia And His Sccordion on Opika Pende: Africa At 78 RPM (Dust-to-Digital)
  12. Hunger by False on Hunger (Gilead Media)
  13. I Am A Cat by Chihei Hatakeyama on Grace (White Paddy Mountain)
  14. Improvisations For The Reikin (Steel-Stringed Koto) by Kofu Kikusui with Shinshin School & Ikuta School musicians on Japanese Masterpieces For The Koto (Lyrichord)
  15. Linin' Track by Koerner, Ray, & Glover on Blues, Rags, & Hollers (Elektra)
  16. Ikiru (excerpt) by Torturing Nurse on Collapse / Ikiru (Lime Lodge)
  17. "Banta" Trance Speech, Rec. London, England, May 1948 by Unknown Artist on Okkulte Stimmen – Mediale Musik: Recordings Of Unseen Intelligences 1905-2007 (Supposé)
  18. Marrow Of Prayer by Oikos on The Great Upheaval (Envelope Collective ‎/ Knockturne)
  19. Who Was It Closed The Door? (excerpt) by Irene Dailey & The Actors Company on The Wick And The Tallow By Henry Gilfond (Folkways)
  20. Leaf Bundle Healing Technique by Colorado Shaman on Lowland Tribes Of Ecuador (Folkways)
  21. Held Tones (excerpt) by Phill Niblock on Nothin To Look At Just A Record (Superior Viaduct)
  22. Braid by The Gamelan Son Of Lion on Gamelan In The New World, Vol. 1 (Folkways)