Ron Spoones and his modular synth in the studio today taking us into a sonic space voyage. Enjoy!


  1. OK Homie by Ron Spoones
  2. One Of These Mornings by Msk on Analog Naïve (Eclectic Electric Recordings)
  3. Adventures in Slime and Space by Space Dimension Controller
  4. Witch Interlude by Clap! Clap!
  5. American Church Of The Holy Relic by Ron Spoones
  6. live modular synth performance at by Ron Spoones
  7. Spray by Alva Noto
  8. live modular synth improv at by Ron Spoones
  9. Tetas by Las Sucias
  10. live at by Ron Spoones
  11. Cloudface by Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society