Best Of Espresso Sesh (so far)

Happy New Year and thanks for tuning in to the 100th episode of ES featuring a selection from the past two years guests music. Enjoy


  1. Eclectic Electric Radio by Msk on Eclectic Electric Radio (Eclectic Electric Recordings)
  2. Washed Away by Eyes On The Shore on Maestranza (Self Released)
  3. Canyon Canon by Kendra McKinley
  4. Amarantos by LoCura
  5. Run by The Blue Hours
  6. Mail Order Bride by Elettrodomestico on If You Are a Boy Or A Girl (ED)
  7. Racks (Mophono's 91 Remix) by Ernie Fresh x Mophono on California Colors EP (CB Records)
  8. I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Kelly McFarling and the Home Team
  9. Cheer Up Sweetheart by Parlor Tricks on Love You To Pieces (Parlor Tricks)
  10. Adrenalina - en vivo by Inspector Gadje & Ismail Lumanovski
  11. Black Ops by David James's GPS on Billionaire Blues (demjams)
  12. Rocket Man by Trans Van Santos on Moon Mirage (Royal Okie)
  13. This Road (feat. Sleepy Wonder) by Poldoore
  14. Keep Walking (fat. Leandro Joaquim) by Msk on MadeInSF (Eclectic Electric Recordings)
  15. Lion by Lior Ben-Hur
  16. Istanbul by Afrofunk Experience
  17. Unravel by Ellisa Sun
  18. Bilongo (Deejay Theory remix) by Will Magid
  19. Faça algo por voçe by Leandro Joaquim
  20. I'ma build a home by Gringa
  21. Las Flores by Loco Tranquilo
  22. I Thought your love was strong by Romanowski
  23. Better Predictment by Justin Ancheta Band
  24. Bade Malou (Second Sky & Thomas Blondet remix) by Afrolicious
  25. Arroz con Gandules by Soltron on Soltron (Round Whirled Records)
  26. Vivir by Makru
  27. Urban Godfather by Sicilian AV Project on Pachamama EP (Eclectic Electric Recordings)
  28. Another Trip Around The Sun by Madeline Tasquin
  29. Bismillah by Baraka Moon on Wind Horse (Baraka Moon)
  30. Camera by The Genie on Crystal Mirror pt.1 (The Genie)
  31. Be My Beach (Mophono & Tom Thump) by Funkadelic on Funkadelic - Reworked by Detroiters (Westbound)