A Thick Mist (March 5, 2018)

There's a new Clint Heidorn record!! Go get it. Also, I played some cool stuff like John Noble talking about his time spent as a prisoner in an arctic Soviet slave camp, men from a Botswana village singing upon their return from a battle to recapture stolen cattle, Gnaw Bone's intense black noise metal, and the inimitable Uncle Dave Macon.


  1. Trouble Soon Be Over by Blind Willie Johnson on Blind Willie Johnson, 1927-1930 (Folkways)
  2. The Marrow by Pyrolatrous on Teneral (Gilead Media)
  3. Wild Parrots by Clint Heidorn on Pasadena (Ashes Ashes)
  4. Sharjah And Java (Dilbar / Morse Beat / Ablazej) by Koichi Shimizu & Akritchalerm Kalayanamitr on Metaphors: Selected Soundworks From The Cinema Of Apichatpong Weerasethakul (Sub Rosa)
  5. Tarashanti by Georgia Kelly on Tarashanti (Heru)
  6. Meditation Practice / Meditation by Indra Devi on Concentration & Meditation (Mace)
  7. Cumberland Mountain Deer Race by Uncle Dave Macon on Smoky Mountain Ballads (RCA Victor)
  8. The Hills Of Mourning by Unknown Mochudi musicians on Traditional Music Of Botswana, Africa (Folkways)
  9. Side A by Gnaw Bone on Scorched Earth (Auris Apothecary)
  10. Part 1 by Carl Michael Von Hausswolff on Still Life - Requiem (Touch)
  11. Drug Addicts Relate To Their Experiences (excerpt) by No artist on Drugs Is A Family Affair (Gaudenzia House)
  12. Get Away From Me You Clouds Of Doom by Tarantel on We Move Through Weather (Temporary Residence)
  13. Jonh Noble by Part 1 (excerpt) on Slave 1-E-241 (Faith And Freedom Forum)
  14. Wanderer's Tune From Boda by Laggar Anders, Röjås Jonas, Pål Olle, Björn Ståbi, & Knut Hellberg on Authentic Swedish Fiddle Music From Boda Village (Vanguard)
  15. Break
  16. Warrior by Calypso Rose on Her Majesty Calypso Rose (CLO)